Double convex lenses
Double convex lenses

Structure: Double convex lenses

♦ Substrate Material: optical glass,quartz,pyrex,sapphire,znse,caf2,ge,si,etc.

♦  Diameters Available: 2mm to 300mm   

♦ Diameter Tolerance: +0.00/-0.05mm or customer design

♦ Surface Quality: 80-50,60-40,40-20,20-10,10-5

♦ Surface Flatness: 1/4lambda or customer design

♦ Surface Irregularity (Peak to Valley): λ/2 or customer design

♦ Thickness tolerance: +0.00/-0.05mm

♦ Focal length tolerance: +/-1%

♦ Clear Aperture: >90% of Diameter

♦ Chamfer: 0.05-0.5mmx45degree

♦ Centration: 3 arcmin

♦ Bevel:0.2mm per25mm

♦ Coating: AR,Mgf2 are on request

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